Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Outdoor Movie and Computer Classses

Thanks to a grant from the Government of Ontario, the municipality is pleased to offer a set of interesting computer classes this fall/winter. For more information go here

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Tues. & Thurs. 10 am – 12 pm
Assiginack Public Library

Getting Connected
Google Hangouts                                                Sept 13, 15
Social Media                                                       Sept 20, 22
Cell Phones                                                         Sept 27, 29
Ipads/Tablets                                                       Oct 4, 6
Frauds and Scams                                               Oct 11
Healthy Living
East Local Health Integration Network              Oct 13
Healthy eating on a fixed income                       Oct 18, 20
Stay on your feet                                                 Oct 25, 27
Cooking for One                                                 Nov 1, 3

Budget in a Baggie                                                Nov 8
Internet Banking                                                    Nov 10
Managing and protecting your assets                    Nov 15, 17
Planning for possible loss of independence           Nov 22
Planning for your future housing needs                 Nov 24
Budget in a Baggie - part two - a follow up           Nov 29
Live Long and Prosper                                           Dec 1
Life Annuities                                                         Dec 6
Financial Abuse                                                      Dec 8
Planning ahead - funerals and wills                        Dec 13
Income and benefits- gov’t programs                     Dec 15

Learning Your Computer
Documents                                                         Jan 12
Spreadsheets                                                      Jan 17
Managing email                                                 Jan 19
Photos                                                                 Jan 24
Internet – browsing                                            Jan 26

Bring the family out to an outdoor movie at the Assiginack Fairgrounds on Friday September 16th at sundown. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Survey for Assiginack Residents

Council has an opportunity to apply for funding for capital infrastructure and would like your input. Open to all residents/taxpayers. Please click here to go to the survey.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Recap Summer 2016

As summer begins to wind down, Council and Staff hope you had a wonderful summer and were able to enjoy the activities and places in Assiginack.
There is one more walking tour of our community.

Our last big event of the summer is our 3rd Manitoulin Deer Show. This year proves to be bigger than ever! With vendors from Sudbury – Tracks and Wheels, Sault Ste. Marie – Perry’s Gun Shop and our local ones attending; Fuel the Fire tv show, Rylans, Quality Deer Management Association and more!
The committee is excited to introduce a Kids Wilderness Challenge where kids of any age will be paired up into teams and go through a series of stations testing their outdoor knowledge.  Be sure to bring your youth, it starts at 10 am!

A Wild Game Cook Off with the chance to win a barbecue is also scheduled, with your entry to be in by noon for judging.
Lectures from the MNR, a wildlife biologist from southern Ontario, locals Mike Phillips and Ian Anderson and much more!
Don’t forget to bring your mount in and have a chance to not only win a firearm but also be the first inductees into the Manitoulin Deer Hall of Fame. For all information go here.

Some highlights of the summer include:
Swimming at the beach, playing on the playground and three sessions of swim lessons.

Zumba at the waterfront for kids and adults.

Popsicle boat racing at the Assiginack Museum.

Sushi Making

Orienteering at McLean’s Park

Summerfest – pictured are Kelsey Mellan and Matthew Bedard who are headed to Austria to compete in 2017 to compete with Team Canada.

Mark your calendars for the 140th Fall Fair hosted by the Agriculture Society on September 9 & 10th. You can find information on our website, including the Fall Fair Booklet.

Have a great fall!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fun Activities Happening!

 Check out what is coming up!

Pick up is at the information booth on highway 6 at 10:35 am and bus will depart Wikwemikong at 3 pm.

This is such an amazing educational experience to learn about the community and the incredible history it had!

The 3rd annual Deer Show has an outdoor challenge for kids, a wild game cook off, target shooting, archery and amazing lectures. Check it out here. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

August Activities in Manitowaning

July was a fun yet busy month for kids and adults!  Go here to find out what is happening in August!
Here are some highlights:
Summerfest by the South East Lions Club

Grand Reopening of the Assiginack Library

Mountain biking lessons with Steve Hart

Museum activities biweekly July and August

Sushi making with Christine McNaughton

Orienteering with Nelson Wood

Weekly Wednesday beach activities July and August

And there is a whole lot more happening in August! Go here to find out!
Zumba for kids and adults - August 3rd and 4th at the waterfront
Adult cycling Monday nights
Youth t-ball Tuesday nights
Kids Bike Challenge - August 11th
Teen Ultimate Frisbee Wednesday nites
Historic Walk Through Manitowaning August 25th

weekly activities include library and museum events, board games for youth, senior card nights.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Household Hazardous Waste Day - July 9, 2016

Mark your calendars, Saturday July 9th, 2016 from 1-4 pm is Household Hazardous Waste Day.

Click on the image below and it will take you to the Assiginack Township website, once there, click on the exact image again and it will download a PDF document so you can see all the items acceptable to bring back.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Fun in Manitowaning

Manitowaning has so many activities this summer.

Please go to our Community Page here for all events in and around town!

To find out details about events through the Township Summer Recreation programs, go here.
First off, Canada Day party at the beach.. and the fun cardboard boat races are back!

Cardboard Boat Race Rules

July 1st, 2016 - 1:30 pm at Manitowaning Beach

Construction Material & Rules
1.     The ENTIRE boat must be built from cardboard & duct tape. Duct tape may be used to reinforce seams.
2.     You must provide your own paddle and only the paddle may be used to propel the boat. Note: Only one paddle per rower is allowed per boat. The shaft of the paddle may be made from a wooden dowel, but the blade part must be made out of cardboard.
3.     Pre-treated cardboard such as waxed cardboard is allowed.
4.     Fastening material is to be duct tape only. Decorations are allowed and encouraged provided they are not used as structural or floatation elements. Crew costumes are encouraged.
Design is left to builder(s). Let your imagination take over.

Participant Rules:
1.     Every participant must wear a personal floatation device (PFD).
2.     Boats must carry no more than 2 occupants.
3.     The rowers in the boat must not be enclosed above the shoulders. The rowers must be visible at all times while the boat is in the water. The rowers who start the race must finish the race without leaving the interior of the boat.
4.     During competition, the rowers must be IN the boat, not towing it, or holding it between their legs, swimming or allowing the PFD to provide the floatation of the vessel.
5.     Throwing water on another boat is reason for disqualification.
6.     Sunken or discarded boats must be disposed of in trash receptacles.
 Kids Categories
Age categories are subject to change depending on registration.

The Titanic Award – given to the team of the boat that sinks in the most spectacular fashion without any loss of life.

We hope to see you at some of the community events!